House Churches

Who should be in a House Church?

EVERYONE! We can have powerful, life-changing encounters on Sunday mornings, in conferences and big meetings, but discipleship happens person-to-person.  House Churches are designed to raise people up! 

2024 Expansions:

New Group Launches!

House Churches, Marriage Groups, Women's, Men's,...

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The Call

In 2020 we believe the Lord was challenging us to disciple 100,000 people in 10 years!  We can’t fit all of them in one building; we believe God is calling us to gather them together in House Churches, to reach the lost, to grow people, & disciple them.

Biblical Roots

"And continuing daily with one accord...and breaking bread from house to house..." Acts 2:46. This type of activity was normal at the birth of the church in the first century (see Acts 2:42-46).  As we meet, the natural byproduct is discipleship and evangelism. 

The Body's Health

House Churches not only promote spiritual growth, they cultivate new friendships that will last for eternity! House Churches are a place to worship God, dive into His Word, and encounter the Holy Spirit. 

Five Fundamental Elements

We believe, whenever we come together, there are five basic things that should happen: Worship, Word of God, Prayer/Activation, Encounter, and Discipleship/Evangelism.