Project 614


(Project is complete)  The latest email & urgent communication updates will be posted to the Newsfeed page.

Vision & Purpose

It's not just a physical detox plan...

The body of Christ in our city is rallying to create a supervised withdrawal site at Hope Christian in Burien for homeless men and women who will be evicted from around the library on Friday, March 31st.  This is a team of 5 churches, 3 partnering non-profits and 4+ resources donors.  We want to directly engage with this issue in our city yet doing it differently than most.  We will be building off of the two most important, yet often overlooked, components of breaking addictions and the cycle of homelessness.  
#1- The Spirit of God which brings life and breaks chains of spiritual bondage, which is often involved with trauma and addiction.  
#2- Christ-Centered community to walk with them through detox and deliverance, as well as into ongoing discipleship programs such as UGM, Teen Challenge or Praisealujah.


-Sunday, March 26th: 6pm Informational Meeting, Worship, Prayer: @ Hope Christian (632 143rd St SW Burien, WA 98166)
-Monday, March 27th: City Wide Fasting & Prayer for the Event
-Friday, March 31st - Saturday April 1st Engaging those in the city who need detox partnership and are ready to walk into a new life with Jesus!

*Reminder: Due to Project 614, Sunday Service April 2nd will be held Off-Site at Taproot Church in Burien.

The Ekklesia 3/26/23: INFO + Q&A

A more personal approach to the relationships and hope we have for Burien with Pastor Seth Thomas & Joseph Riverson .

Hope Christian Podcast: (relational prep)

Pastor Seth Thomas & Joseph Riverson sit down to discuss God opening doors for His mission! (Recorded 3/22/23)

Hope Christian Podcast: (relational review)

Pastor Seth Thomas & Joseph Riverson sit down to review how God blessed the weekend and BEYOND!  (Published 4/17/23)

They Shall Restore...!

Isaiah 61:4 says:
 "They [Those who have been transformed by Jesus] shall build up the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former devastations; They shall repair the ruined cities; the devastations of many generations."
We have been blessed with divine partnerships and resources for this mission to launch! If you feel led to donate, you can contact us or use the link below.