About Us

Hope School of Supernatural Ministry is the fulfillment of the dream of the founders - Pastor Anthony Simmons and his son - to establish a training center to empower individuals to transform their lives and their spheres of influence to look more like heaven.

Over the last two years, students from diverse backgrounds around the Seattle area have been challenged by teachers and each other to pursue deeper connection with God, take risks in their faith journeys, and to return to their families, jobs, and churches with a revitalized love for God and a heart of service.

As a team, we have been overwhelmed and delighted with the faithfulness of God and the progress of students each year.

"At HSSM, you get to watch folks experience freedom and growth and have them rally around you when you have a break through. The best part is the community."

- Alumni 2021

"Wherever you are in Life, HSSM is an amazing opportunity to learn more about Him, yourself, and life."

- Alumni 2021

Meet the Team

Ben Curtis

Dean of Students
"My wife and I have been at Hope for over 3 years and are both HSSM graduates. I love helping people step out of addiction, homelessness, and poverty mindsets into a life of fullness and heavenly purpose with God. I am passionate about pastoral care, discipleship and kingdom identity. I also enjoy writing, studying the Word, and pursuing the Lord to bring revival to the community. I hope to impart to the students faith, humility, peace, and a hunger for God's word and presence."

Michelle Berger

Lead Instructor
"I have had several different leadership rolls over the 8 years of attending Hope. Currently I find myself working with our Young Adult group and teaching at HSSM. Teaching has become one of my greatest passions. I love helping people discover the truth of their identity as a Child of God, along with learning to listen and discern the voice of God. I teach particle ways to experience God’s presence and to glean from His love and wisdom. My desire is to see people live in such a way that the “supernatural” becomes natural."

Seth Thomas

Senior Pastor at Hope
"I am the Senior Pastor as well as the Young Adults Pastor at Hope. I love to see people raised up in their identity in Christ and equipped into their God-given calling in life.  I’m from AZ originally and one day hope to be actively involved in raising up local churches in some of the darkest places around the world.  Outside of ministry, I love to travel, day trade in the stock market, and spend time in the great outdoors.  I’m excited to see students realize how much more God is wanting to use them in the Kingdom than they even realize and that they can begin walking in that unique calling right now!"

Barry Eggehorn

Worship and Arts Pastor at Hope
"I am passionate about seeing the generations united in a lifestyle of worship and revival.  I am excited to impart boldness, freedom and the heart of worship to all the students at HSSM."

Tina Marshall

Pastoral Care Pastor at Hope
"I am on staff at Hope as the Associate Pastor over pastoral care ministries. I have served at Hope in the Sozo Ministry as well as teaching at HSSM. My passion is to see people walk in true freedom, living lives liberated by deep intimacy with Jesus, and within authentic community. I long to impart to students a passion to see themselves and others healed, delivered and launched into their destinies and identities in Christ. My prayer is that each one encounters Jesus in real and transformational ways."

Roger Marshall

"I have a deep passion to understand and make known the teachings of Jesus, to pursue Him personally as the source of Truth, and to have the Word of God sink in and become firmly rooted in the hearts and minds of every HSSM student." Roger is involved at Hope with House Churches and as an Instructor at HSSM.

Sarah Scull

"My greatest desire is that each student would learn and grow in confidence in hearing God’s voice and encountering Jesus face to face.
I love to have fun with Holy Spirit and activate childlike faith, so anytime I teach there will usually be activations where we get to grow in hearing God’s voice and heart. He is SO much better than we could ever imagine!
If there is one thing I can impart to students that would be living an authentic life with Jesus. He is worthy of our big yes’s in life as well as all our small yes’s. Revival to me is bringing Jesus into every area of our life, believing His word is true for today and allowing Holy Spirit free access. We often put God in a box and it’s time to let Him out!"

Mario Villanueva Simmons

School Administrator
"I have attended Hope for over 20 years and have worked on staff since 2020 for the founding of HSSM. I love to read, cook, explore Seattle, paddle-board, bike to work, and watch people engage with God and their faith. My goal is to build quality programs for the local church that truly benefit its members and the community and challenge individuals to discover a good God whose love is evident in His people. I hope to impart to students an appreciation for learning and a desire to grow."

Class Schedule

HSSM believes that a well-rounded education is critical to students stepping into their royal identities in Christ.
Thus, classes will always have three primary elements:
Encounters with God, Spirit-filled Curriculum, and Practical Application

Weekday Sessions

  • Mondays 6:30-9:00 PM
  • Tuesdays 6:30-9:00 PM
HSSM Staff teach core curriculum on subjects including: the Gifts and Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Worship, Prayer, Healing, Identity in Christ, Power Evangelism, and more. 

Saturday Intensives

  • Second Saturday of the Month
9:00 AM-12:00 PM
Guest Teachers break down a specialized subject to provide students a more diverse educational experience.
Open to Visitors for a $30 Registration Fee
We would love to meet you in person! Contact us to set up a class visit.


HSSM Nights

  • First Sunday of the Month
6:00-8:00 PM
Students apply what they are learning as they lead a service at Hope Christian Community with worship, prophecy, testimonies, preaching, and altar ministry.


  • Second Saturday of the Month
9:00 AM-12:00 PM
Students go out into the community to pray and speak with individuals about the beauty of God and the Gospel.
Schedule Alternates with Saturday Intensives.
HSSM Night is where the magic and the heart of the school is on full display. Nothing is more satisfying for us school leaders than getting to see students on the stage conquering fears and becoming better versions of themselves in real time. This is what HSSM is all about. If you want to visit, the service is free, exciting, and welcome to all. Hope to see you there for Fall 2022!


The homework offers students the chance to broaden their learning to resources outside of HSSM to ministries like Bethel Church, IHOP, Global Awakening, and many more revival-minded sources.
Students can expect about 2 hours of homework a week.

Weekly Assignments
Video and Discussion Forum
One Prerequisite Textbook
Two Textbooks per Quarter

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