school of supernatural ministry

Our Mission Is:

To practically train and equip revivalists releasing them in their supernatural destiny as world-changers.

What Is A Revivalist?

Revivalists are culture-shaping, city-transforming, nation-building, laid-down-lovers of Jesus who are equipped to usher in the Kingdom of God into every aspect of society.  Revivalists shift atmospheres by carrying God’s presence, power, and love into their Homes, Work, Family, Relationships, and throughout the earth.

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Who We Are:

Hope School of Supernatural Ministry is a training center for world-changers. Students learn how to effectively bring the values, customs, and culture of Heaven into the workings of earth. Transforming cities into the culture of heaven influences all areas in a society, so instead of creating pastors only, our schooling focuses on developing a breed of person who transforms the atmosphere wherever they go.
A school of supernatural ministry would give practical, part-time schooling that teaches people how to institute revival and Heaven’s culture into the seven mountains of society: Faith, Family, Business, Government, Education, Media, and the Arts and Entertainment.
Our ultimate goal is to train and equip the next generation of leaders through discipleship in the Presence of God and the Word of God and to send them out with a mission and a destiny to spread Revival Fire throughout the world (Matthew 28:18-20).

Why Is HSSM Needed:

The Northwest is ripe for the harvest of revival, and having an established school will give us the ability to train people in the culture of the Kingdom. The Holy Spirit has set the stage for a move of God in Burien and Seattle, and the Hope School of Supernatural Ministry can be the ultimate tool in an awakening.

The Four Pillars:

Revival is the centerpiece of the curriculum and is mounted on four pillars:
Identity - Students will be taught who they are and how to operate as sons and daughters of the king.
Kingdom - Students will learn the values and principles of the kingdom of heaven and how to practically implement them in the world. In the kingdom, there is no poverty, sickness, demonic activity, depression, or any other signs of a broken world.
Discipleship - Students will discover their call to live a life that imitates Jesus and brings glory to the Father.
Jesus Christ is perfect theology.
Leadership - Students will be trained to lead from a culture of honor. They will become bold and innovative world changers through the lens of a Kingdom Mindset.

Fall 2021 Applications Open January 10th

More Information:

Teachers - Hope's lead pastor, Anthony Simmons, will be the main teacher at HSSM. He has pastored for 30 years in the Seattle area and is passionate about the current Move of God.
Special speakers who are currently releasing the Kingdom of Heaven in Worship, Business, Government, Education, Media and other areas of influence will be brought in to provide a wider range of expertise.  
Curriculum - We will be using the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry's curriculum as a reference to explore topics based on our Four Pillars: Identity, Kingdom, Discipleship and Leadership.
Location - School will take place at the Hope Christian Community campus.
632 SW 143rd St.
Burien, WA 98166
Cost - HSSM will cost $600 per quarter to attend totaling $1,800 a year.

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