TASTE and SEE that
the LORD is GOOD

Psalm 34:8


On May 22nd, the President of the United States proclaimed that all churches are "essential" and that they should be opened immediately.  In direct response to our president's statements, our church has opened for Sunday worship, and will continue to be open.  We do not believe that our local government has the right to ban religious gatherings.  This is a direct violation of the first amendment of our constitution.  However, for the time being, our church will voluntarily submit to the 25% occupancy guidelines adopted by both California and then later by Washington State.  Our rows of chairs are currently six feet apart, with extra safety gaps between chairs within each row.  We have traffic arrows on the floor to assist people in social distancing.  In addition, we have a sanitizing crew utilizing specialized equipment to clean and sanitize both hard and soft surfaces between services.  We encourage the wearing of face coverings and we even have free masks available to those in need of them.  And finally, we will continue to encourage people, especially those of high risk, to watch our live stream from the safety of their own home.

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