Worship & Art

Worship & Art Ministry

We believe God is releasing new creativity and beauty upon His church. Not only do we get to worship God through these different expressions but He speaks to us and to the world through prophetic music and other forms of art. The root meaning of the word “worship” has to do with declaring “worth.” As Romans 12 tells us, worship is so much more than just a song, it’s a LIFESTYLE.

During our Sunday services at Hope we gather as a community of believers to proclaim the worthiness of our King and to experience His glorious presence. As we worship God (Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit), we thank Him for all that He has done for us. We gaze upon His beauty and majesty. We meditate on His words. We press into His heart and listen for His heartbeat. During these moments, the Spirit often touches our lives in deep and profound ways. It is our amazing privilege to freely worship together as a community in spirit and truth.

If you would like more information about our Worship and Arts Ministry, please contact Pastor Barry.