Worship  &  arts

"Because your love is better than life,
my lips will glorify you.
I will praise you as long as I live,
and in your name I will lift up my hands."

Psalm 63:3-4 

We believe God is releasing new creativity and beauty upon His church. Not only do we get to worship God through these different expressions but He speaks to us and to the world through prophetic music, dance, and other forms of art. The root meaning of the word “worship” has to do with declaring “worth.” As Romans 12 tells us, worship is so much more than just a song, it’s a LIFESTYLE.

During our Sunday services at Hope, we gather as a community of believers to proclaim the worthiness of our King and to experience His glorious presence. As we worship God - Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit, we thank Him for all that He has done for us. We gaze upon His beauty and majesty. We meditate on His words. We press into His heart and listen for His heartbeat. During these moments, the Spirit often touches our lives in deep and profound ways. It is our amazing privilege to freely worship together as a community in spirit and truth.
winning entry

God is My Hope

You continually prepare me ahead of time for battle, battles, most of the time, I never am aware I am entering. I move in Your intentional peace, I am not afraid. Not once have You left my side. You are my Shield and my Protector, I shall not be moved. God let Your kingdom come, start in me.

You are my eternal dwelling place; I am hidden in the shelter of the Most High, covered by Your pinions, forever kept close by Your side. You are my only hope, the One my heart trusts in. You are my Father who sees me, and the only one who truly knows the very depths of my heart, I am never without You, for my God is forever faithful.
I am strengthened by Your word, I drink from the life-giving water the living fountain who is my God. Having done everything I take my stand, on my knees I offer up my prayers and petitions, I inquire of the LORD, I find Your heart, a place I let go of my fears. We reason together and I am filled with Your hope and I arise full of new strength and direction. In my weakness, Your strength is made perfect. Your faces shine down upon me, undeserved favor; Your grace is in all ways sufficient.

Father, here’s my life, yes; I know it’s only a small beginning, but it’s all I have right now to offer. Only a scratch in the surface, a start onto the highway of holiness, the narrow way, the crucified life, abiding in the vine, only a mere branch, a shadow of what you have for me, die to yourself, lose your life and find it. Take up your Sword, Don’t despise small beginnings, I am dead to sin and alive to Christ, His life is in me, no other name by which man can be saved, Jesus, He is the hope of glory.

Here is my will, given freely, what else can I give such a beautiful, magnificent King who first loved me so I can love and be Your love. Increase the capacity of my heart to love the one You put in front of me more. Who can ascend to Your holy hill Mount Zion, only those with clean hands and pure hearts, God let Your kingdom come, start in me. Arise, God, move upon my heart and consume me, change me where I don’t understand, or accept Your will.
Transform me, bend me, and incline my heart to trust You more, and to always quickly obey.

You are the scarlet thread hanging from my window, Your Love runs red, dying for me when I didn’t even know You. Created in Your image, made in Your likeness, I am the work of Your hands, Your treasure, the apple of Your eye, permanently engraved in the palms of Your nail-pierced hands, my name is written in Your heart.

You clothed me in Your righteousness, dressed me in Your splendor, and made me perfect in the beauty of Your holiness, my robes are spotless. Fashioned to fully reflect my Father and purely demonstrate Jesus to a lost and dying world. You make glad the city of Your praise and the righteous run to it and are safe. Rivers of Your praise and glory run through the city whose maker and builder is God. I will forever boast in my God!

Jesus, You are our only hope!

Hope Writers Challenge August 2020
Lisa Balke 8/28/2020