At Hope we desperately seek the Kingdom of God to invade us on Earth and for a breakout of revival to spread throughout the globe. As Believers in Christ we recognize the importance of corporate unity with God, and believe it is essential to gather in communion with Him in prayer.

At Hope we believe God is releasing healing power and restoring His people. Our Healer is passionate about each and every one of us, and wants to set us FREE—spirit, soul, and body.

We love to worship the Lord with all our heart, strength, mind and soul. Our style of artistic expression is a blend from different genres but definitely reflects the modern worship movement.

Our church’s distinct vision is to reach out and at Hope we support selected organizations and groups who have like-minded Faith. We support these groups in a variety of ways including financial, volunteer, and prayer needs.

Hope Kingdom Kid’s Ministry is created to provide a safe, fun, and exciting learning environment where we lovingly invite infants, toddlers, and kids into the culture of REVIVAL.

We believe that our youth are the next generation of world changers. At Hope our youth services are a training ground for Biblical living which starts with their relationship with Jesus Christ. We invite the Holy Spirit to take over the service and encounter each individual with the Spirit of God.

It is our desire to take Christ’s love to the ends of the Earth, and we believe that the people of Hope are revivalists for the Kingdom of God. We value the importance of gathering as a community seeking the Kingdom of Heaven to reign down to change the world.

If you would like to get involved or join one of our ministries please click the link below to contact us.

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